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Becoming a nurse can be an incredible goal for many people. But before you think about becoming a nurse, you will need to consider the proper nursing prerequisites that are required to get an education to become a nurse.

Before attaining any training to become a nurse, there are specific requirements that are required before enrolling in different schools and programs. These requirements are what we refer to as nursing prerequisites.

Nursing prerequisites are the general requirements that one will need before enrolling in any nursing program.

Nursing, just like any other degree, requires specific qualifications and requirements before you undertake any nursing related programs. Every school, will each have their own specific prerequisites that are required. It is best to check with each individual school on what exactly they require.


What one nursing school will require might be slightly different from another school offering the same degree.

In the end, all are fairly equal and have similar prerequisites that are commonly required by almost all, if not all nursing schools. While it is neccessary to complete all nursing requirements or prerequisites, it is also possible for one to complete the prerequisites while completing other nursing courses.

When pursuing a profession with a bachelor of nursing, the first prerequisite that an aspiring nurse should have is an high school certificate or diploma of which will include subjects that are related to biology and health sciences .

Because sometimes nursing programs are competitive, it is important for one to score highly in high school to have better chances of obtaining admission upon request.

The key to obtaining straight admission apart from good scores in high school is discussing your intentions with a career counselor or your parents. This will provide guidelines on how to achieve that desire you have by putting you in the right track towards that achievement.

Upon entry into the school one will have to undertake basic nursing programsUpon completion, you may lead to other advanced programs. For example - receiving an Associate's Degree Nursing (ADN) before advancing to the completion of a Bachelor's Degree. Initial nursing degrees are obtained typically on the associate's or Bachelor's levels.

The majority of Bachelor's of Science in Nursing (BSN) programs have long waiting lists. If you have already attended any other basic nursing program through a community or state college, this could be seen as a back up to your entry into a Bachelor of Science in Nursing position.

Associate's and Bachelor's programs provide a combination of both clinical and classroom lessons and experience that prepares the students for their respective careers. The most important prerequisite is to complete a Bachelor of Science through a nursing program from any recognized and acreditted College or University.

To become registered and licensed one needs to complete certain exams for proper qualification.

Aspiring nurses must pass a National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) for vocational, registered, and practical nurses. Of course different countries wil have different NLC examinations so do keep that in mind!

A Nurses' license should be renewed on a regular basis. And to specialize in any particular field, like a nurse anesthetist, nurse practitioner, or even a clinical nurse - one must have to further their sudies.