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Arizona Nursing Prerequisites

Are you thinking about becoming a nurse in Arizona and are wondering about the prerequisites that are required for Alabama nursing education and Alabama nursing prerequisites to begin the nursing career? Learning about these prerequisites can assist the student in the search for the education institution and the career path.

The first step to becoming a nurse in Arizona is to obtain the education required. First, the student should determine what type of nursing career that is going to be pursued. The student can choose between a Licensed Practical Nurse, where the nurse can be certified in as little as eighteen months, or a Registered nurse, where the student can attend Arizona College and universities as part of the Registered Nurse program. There are also programs available where students can bridge the two programs, to allow the student to work as a nurse while attending the education program.

Once the education has been completed through the appropriate Arizona nursing school, the nurse will complete a practicum. This will be completed at one of the local hospitals or clinics and is one of the Arizona nursing prerequisites to ensure that the theory learned in the nursing classroom is put to the test in a clinical situation, where the nursing student is able to practise with real patients, in a real environment.

Once the clinical practicum and the education is complete, the Arizona nursing prerequisites require the student to take the licensing exam through the Arizona board of nurses. This licensing exam requires that the student be tested on the information that has been learned through the course of the program. The nurse is required to pass this licensing exam in order to practise in the state and must reinstate the license on a regular basis, to ensure that they are in good standing with the Arizona board of nurses.