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RN Prerequisites

A good number of those wishing to become registered nurses (RN) do not know exactly what prerequisites they are supposed to fulfill before applying to join nursing schools to train and become registered nurses. With the responsibilities of an RN being to take good care of patients and even administering medication to those suffering from minor illnesses, there are things that those joining this field are required to meet before they are admitted to college to study the course.

These RN prerequisites slightly vary from college to college or state to state but there are basic requirements that must be met and they apply across the board. Among the things that must be met by candidates is attaining an average grade point of 2.0 and above, having knowledge on first aid and science subjects like biology and chemistry. This will help you get to prerequisite class from which you need to work hard to get excellent grades that will increase your chances of being admitted into nursing school.

Other subjects that are needed for the course are English and Mathematics. The first one will help you understand the tough terminologies encountered by students in medical school. You need to be fluent in the language in order to communicate well as per the clinical requirements. Dealing with the human body is a science and a complex one for that matter. All sciences go hand in hand with math hence the reason why you cannot avoid it when it comes to joining nursing school. You need to understand mathematical concepts associated with the human body thus a top prerequisite in this area of study.

Other classes that a student is required to attend and pass include human anatomy, psychology, general microbiology and some colleges require one to study medical terminologies before enrolling to RN classes. In addition, there are colleges that require candidates to pay for and take a Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) before joining RN class. The score for this test should not be below 70% for composite score and 90% when it comes to reading sub-test. In the event one scores below the set scores, they will be allowed one final chance to redo the exam.

With all these requirements, one may ask how long it takes to finish RN prerequisite classes. Well, there is no direct answer to that only that it depends on when and where you start. By this, we mean for those who are attending community college it might take long for them to complete, as you will be first required to take and pass an exam meant to determine your skills in English and Mathematics. The other determinant is the number of units you will be willing to study during the semester plus the summer period. During normal study time, you can take up to 18 credits and if you are willing to study during summer, you can take another 12 credits. Therefore, the time you spend studying RN prerequisite classes depends with you and the school you will attend, as they are the ones who set these courses.

As much as you may view these prerequisite classes to be a time waster, they are important as they are used to determine who is capable of becoming a RN student. Therefore, do you research and know what your preferred nursing school requires and see whether you meet the set standards before enrolling.

As an RN, there are a number of options to advance your nursing career.